How To Request Unemployment?

If you have lost your job through causes beyond your control and have contributed long enough, you are entitled to receive unemployment benefit. If you are going to apply for it, this article will be of interest to you, since we are going to explain how to apply for unemployment and we will give you some alternatives so that being without work does not pose a problem for your economy.

Tips for applying for unemployment benefit

Throughout this article we will analyze how to apply for unemployment and you will see that it is very simple, but it is essential that you bear in mind that it is a priority to respect the legally established times and do the procedures as soon as possible.

Prepare your documentation to avoid problems

To get your benefit approved as soon as possible, it is recommended that you have your documentation ready at the time of requesting it. In this case you need:

  • Unemployment benefit application form.
  • DNI or NIE.
  • Bank document containing the account number from which you want to collect the benefit.
  • Family Book (if you have dependents).

Presentation of the application

You can also submit the application in the registry of any administrative body that is part of the General Administration of the State, the Autonomous Community or the Local Administration, as well as in the Post Office.

The online system is very simple and intuitive . It guides you step by step, so even if you are not an expert you will be able to submit the application without problem.

What to do if you are denied unemployment?

If the SEPE considers that you do not have the right to collect unemployment benefit, you have a period of 30 days from when it notifies you of its resolution to file an appeal . In your claim you must clearly identify yourself and specify the resolution against which you appeal, stating the reasons why you consider that you should collect unemployment benefit. In addition, you can accompany all the documents that justify your right (always use copies, never attach the originals).

In the event that the SEPE rejects your appeal, the only option you have is to go through the courts. For this you have a period of 30 days.

Is there aid for those who have not contributed enough or have exhausted the contributory benefit?

In those cases in which you have not contributed enough to have a contributory benefit, you can access the unemployment benefit if you have contributed for three months if you have children or six months if you do not have children.

Those who have exhausted the contributory benefit and have family responsibilities and those over 45 years of age, even if they do not have children, are also entitled to unemployment benefit.

Once these benefits are exhausted, if you are still in a bad economic situation, you can request the minimum vital income .