World’s Largest Slot Jackpots Radical Details

There is no coincidence that progressive games have made the highest payouts for online slots. These slots feature increasingly growing jackpots drawn from a massive pool of players worldwide and each deposit adds to the prize overall. So hopefully you can guess 96ace the kind of money we’re talking about here. Nevertheless, in order to give you an idea, you have always looked at the giddiest gallery of winner rogues. 

John Moolah-John Heywood – £13,21,881

In 2015, John Heywood soldier appeared on Mega Moolah’s Microgaming slot for a jackpot of more than £13 million. What made his triumph all the more impressive was his 25% rise in money. Mr Heywood was not a professional, either, because he was drawn to the game by an ad one night when he was idly browse at home. His miracle of £13,212,882 is also the biggest on a computer slot machine ever won. 

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$12,633,898 Marcus Goodwin – MM

A substantial reward was also won by the properly called Marcus Goodwin in a progressive slot. Playing in Yako Casino, he got the second biggest jackpot reward in history with a cool $11,633,898 prize. The Super Moolah game was also a life-changing award. He admitted to deception as he was told of his absurdly improbable victory. Okay, the bit we’ve made up. In reality, he told Yako Casino that he planned a huge house and a first-class trip to Africa with his relatives. Show off, show off. Show off.

$10.143,123, Rawiri Pou – Super Moolah

Rawiri Pou was another major winner of New Zealand Mouri. But Pou was not too scared to pay a large amount to win his Jackpot unlike John Heywood. The Casinoland web site staked $250 for Super Moolah. He took it back right back to the jackpot round after he landed $1500. An inquiry was initiated, of course, by the Ministry of Interior (New Zealand Branch). Which followed a lobby group arguing that gambling in the Long White Cloud country in other countries is not tolerated. As far as we know, however, despite the completely justified and unreasoned or unwilling interference, Mr Pou was able to keep his money.

The Super Riches Alexander – € 8,577,104.

Instead of Super Moolah, this cheeky non-conformist was built to earn millions on Mega Fortune. As a dogged competitor in that game, one night after a night of gambling Alexander the Swede eventually hit the jackpot. He managed to pant the flagship game Netent’s €8,577,104 which should hold him for the near future in meatballs.


The Super Riches Alexander – € 8,577,104.

Instead of Super Moolah, this cheeky non-conformist was built to earn millions on Online Casinos Became More Popular During Quarantine — What to Know |  ObserverMega Fortune. As a dogged competitor in that game, one night after a night of gambling Alexander the Swede eventually hit the jackpot. He managed to pant the flagship game Netent’s €8,577,104 which should hold him for the near future in meatballs. While this has been an acceptable restriction for some time for players, new problems have been thrown up with the emergence of larger games and an increasingly competitive target market.

More significantly, the entire online gambling industry has encountered a seismic shift in player preferences as punters switched to smaller devices for their gaming activities. The fascination with gaming on the go shows no indication of reducing the number of players who visit casinos via mobile devices with more than half.

Social Security Debts: How To Get Rid Of Them And Avoid Having An Impact On Benefits

Having debts is always a headache, but if you also owe money to the administration itself, the problem is complicated. Debts are synonymous with general malaise and restlessness; for this reason, it is best to avoid them as much as possible. However, we know that sometimes, they are unavoidable. Therefore, in this article we tell you everything you need to know about debts with social security.

Did you know that debts to social security have an impact on receiving some benefits? For example in the case of unemployment and retirement. In this article we explain how you can check if you have debts with social security, the phases you must follow to get rid of them, postponements, surcharges and the possibility of a garnishment.

How do I know if I have debts with social security?

Nowadays it is easy to check if you have debts with social security. In the electronic office of that agency you can request a certificate of being current on social security obligations .

For this you must have an affiliation number —NAF— and a digital certificate. In this way, the system lets you know if you have debts, regardless of the regime to which you are attached.

How do you know if you have prescribed a debt with social security?

Although it depends on the type of debt, in general, debts to social security expire after 4 years .

In any case, you must take into account what type of debt it is and the concept, because it may have a limitation period other than 4 years.

The consequences of having debts with social security

There are several consequences of incurring debts with social security:

  • Surcharge. That is, an extra is added to the amount owed that will accumulate the longer it takes to pay off the debt. If the debt is not paid, the administration can launch an executive procedure through which a garnishment is requested.
  • Loss of bonuses . For example, the self-employed who have a debt with social security can stop receiving a bonus, such as the flat rate, and will not recover it until they have paid the debt.
  • Difficulty accessing benefits . If you become unemployed or retire, you will not collect the benefit until you catch up with social security.
  • Prevents access to subsidies . All state subsidies are required to present a certificate of being up to date with social security obligations. Therefore, if you have debts, the grant will not be achieved.

Debt phases

When a debt is contracted with social security, it establishes a regulatory period to settle it:

  • Thus, a first phase of voluntary collection is entered .
  • In this phase, the social security sends the debtor the order of urgency, that is, it claims the debt.

Surcharges in case of non-payment

As we have already seen, if social security considers you a debtor, it is best to pay the debt as soon as possible to avoid possible surcharges . If, for example, you owe fees for working as a freelancer, these penalties are contemplated:

  • 10% surcharge if the debt is paid during the first calendar month that follows the month of maturity.
  • 20% if paid on the second or You enter the amount notified before the end of the payment period specified in the relevant document.
  • The surcharge will be 35% if you deposit the debt once the payment period indicated in the claim or certificate has expired.

Debt deferrals

Another resource that you have at hand is to request a postponement . It may be a good idea if you don’t know how to proceed with your debt. To do this, you can apply online . It is important that you know that deferring your debt implies the payment of interest , although in the case of the administration they are not usually very high.

You can also do the procedure in person at the provincial Directorate of the General Social Security Treasury, at an INNS administration or at the entity’s Executive Revenue Unit.

You can carry out the management at any time from the beginning of the regulatory term of the debt. Of course, the total deferral period cannot be more than 5 years . For its part, the administration has up to 3 months to respond to your request for postponement, although it is usually notified much earlier.

What if they notify me of a garnishment?

If you do not meet the debt within the established deadlines, it is likely that your assets will be seized. It can be a part of your salary if you are an entrepreneur or a part of the earnings for invoices issued as a self-employed person or, also of your pension if you have one.

You must bear in mind that the minimum interprofessional salary -SMI- cannot be seized , but all salaries or salaries that exceed it can.

As you can see, it is best to avoid all debts as much as possible. If you have already contracted a debt with Social Security, the best thing is that you solve it to get rid of the possible consequences and problems that it can cause you. As we have seen, having a debt with the State can end with situations as serious as the notification of a garnishment.

How To Request Unemployment?

If you have lost your job through causes beyond your control and have contributed long enough, you are entitled to receive unemployment benefit. If you are going to apply for it, this article will be of interest to you, since we are going to explain how to apply for unemployment and we will give you some alternatives so that being without work does not pose a problem for your economy.

Tips for applying for unemployment benefit

Throughout this article we will analyze how to apply for unemployment and you will see that it is very simple, but it is essential that you bear in mind that it is a priority to respect the legally established times and do the procedures as soon as possible.

Prepare your documentation to avoid problems

To get your benefit approved as soon as possible, it is recommended that you have your documentation ready at the time of requesting it. In this case you need:

  • Unemployment benefit application form.
  • DNI or NIE.
  • Bank document containing the account number from which you want to collect the benefit.
  • Family Book (if you have dependents).

Presentation of the application

You can also submit the application in the registry of any administrative body that is part of the General Administration of the State, the Autonomous Community or the Local Administration, as well as in the Post Office.

The online system is very simple and intuitive . It guides you step by step, so even if you are not an expert you will be able to submit the application without problem.

What to do if you are denied unemployment?

If the SEPE considers that you do not have the right to collect unemployment benefit, you have a period of 30 days from when it notifies you of its resolution to file an appeal . In your claim you must clearly identify yourself and specify the resolution against which you appeal, stating the reasons why you consider that you should collect unemployment benefit. In addition, you can accompany all the documents that justify your right (always use copies, never attach the originals).

In the event that the SEPE rejects your appeal, the only option you have is to go through the courts. For this you have a period of 30 days.

Is there aid for those who have not contributed enough or have exhausted the contributory benefit?

In those cases in which you have not contributed enough to have a contributory benefit, you can access the unemployment benefit if you have contributed for three months if you have children or six months if you do not have children.

Those who have exhausted the contributory benefit and have family responsibilities and those over 45 years of age, even if they do not have children, are also entitled to unemployment benefit.

Once these benefits are exhausted, if you are still in a bad economic situation, you can request the minimum vital income .